In addition to the many services Kelly is able to provide, we also put the entire team together to provide a complete mechanical installation to meet your requirements. We offer installations for:

      • Kelly will meet with you to evaluate the current conditions and what your existing or future requirements will be.
      • Compose a comprehensive scope of the work required.
      • Estimate the costs for installing the system.
      • Work with your engineer or provide one for working permit drawings.
      • Should you desire Kelly will enlist the aid of various contractors in other trades to provide a turnkey project.
  • Kelly will provide all or part of the mechanical trades for the installation of your project from your engineered drawings and specifications.
      • Kelly HVAC can assist you in upgrading your equipment or in making your equipment more energy efficient. We will work closely with the equipment manufacturer to provide and install the equipment to meet or exceed the needs of your situation.
      • No matter the situation, Kelly can and will provide you with a quality and professional installation. We believe the equipment and installation are part of the building area, not something that REQUIRES walls to be built around to hide.
      • We understand this is an investment. Let us be your mechanical investment counselor.